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Competence in commercial legal protection since 1963

Advopat – Patent Attorneys and Attorneys at Law

In a world-wide marketplace

active and passive protection of your confidential data and intellectual property is vital. Our consulting services encompass all matters of protecting, enforcing and licensing pat6ents, trademarks and other intellectual property.

Our world-wide network

of IP professionals enables us to register and enforce your intellectual property in most countries.

We also litigate and participate in litigation in Germany and other countries.

To complement this, we provide investigative and searching services in the field of intellectual property.


Our deep insight into the commercial needs of enterprises

of all sizes is the basis of a close co-operation with our clients on a long term basis. This includes envisaging strategic concepts for national and international protection of all immaterial assets.

Our competency and consistency has proven effective,

as clients from start-ups to global players have entrusted us their intellectual property for decades.